“Land-Sea Express Route”


   Why Macedonia has become North Macedonia? “To solve problems of Balkans”. This is the main aim for the Balkan Region. Because of that, the problems between Greece and Macedonia have to settle.  Why?  Balkans count as Europe from political and geographical perspective, but they are not well integrated into Europe.


   Russian influence still exists in the region and  some of the Balkan countries have good relations with Turkey. Also, China is trying to improve his appearance in the area. What are the reasons of China for this improvement?

After globalization and rising of developing countries, new actors have become crucial in world politics. Even NGO’s and single actors have become popular. Some of the rising powers of the current era such as China, India, Brazil, Canada, Iran, South Africa and Turkey want to get a slice of cake from the world order. For sure, China will have the biggest slice because of surprising development. China has put a new vision to be a new superpower. For this aim China using strategies such as “No War, No Conflicts” and “Economical and Political Grow’’.  Sum, they have created a new project called “One Belt, One Road” to achieve their goal. I would like to focus on the Balkan region of this project.


    China wants to tie all Eurasia by trade network and ended up on Europe. If China succeeds this aim, could manage the EU to separate from the USA. For this reason, China has added a new road on the region which looks like European but not in  the  European  Union. This part of the project called “Land-Sea Express Route”.[1]


Kaynak: http://i.imgur.com/Tnwlj6s.jpg

This project starts from the Port of Piraeus to Budapest through Europe. China has started his actions to build this road. The main act is that “Chinese COSCO group bought the port of Piraeus in Greece”. This means “I bought the door” than they just needed to open it and they have opened.[2]

            Macedonian name change referendum has shown the hallway. If you bought a port from Greece, you have to pass the roads of North Macedonia. At this point, you have to make links tight between Greece and North Macedonia. After this goal, problems have been started to solve. The biggest problem was the “name problem of Macedonia” because Greece has problem with it. Actually, heritage issues cause conflicts between them. Later, Referendum suggestion came up and approved by two sides. Also, China has supported the name change plan. Thank to “Land-Sea Express Route” project. Plus, the European Union said okay for a referendum because of conflict resolution. Therefore; this referendum is the win-win situation for both sides.

Then, Macedonian authorities have announced that the state has officially been renamed North Macedonia as per a recently signed agreement with Greece. The agreement about the brand new name for Macedonia was signed and officially changed to Republic of North Macedonia by Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias on June 17.[3]


     For the region, China needs other partners to expand his influence because China is an Asian country who wants to work in the Balkan Region. Because of that case, China makes arrangements with Russia and Turkey to work. Russia has an impact on Balkan Regions mainly Slavic race reasons and Turkey has an impact on Balkans because of historic reasons. Both partners especially have other ties with the region and this is religion, Orthodox and Muslim populations. These two guides will help China to do business in the Balkan Region with mutual interests.


   Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina has many problems with each other. Orthodox and Muslim countries have problems with each other, and you can use other Orthodox and Muslim countries such as Russia and Turkey which have good relations nowadays to solve the conflicts. This is also another strategy of China to settle Balkan Region.

On the other hand, Hungary has relations with both countries like historical, retail and political. To open Hungary lands, you have the best keys in the world. Plus, China saw the opportunity of this and made deals with Turkey and Russia. [4] You can see on the news, the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban gives point to retail ties of Hungarian people with Turks. For example, on the 19th of September 2019, The European office of the Turkic Council of Turkic Speaking Countries (Turkic Council) opened its doors in Budapest, Hungary.[4] Especially, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary and other member states ministers attended this opening. Also, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban talks about Hungarian ethnic ties with Turkish race line. One of his speech, he said: “We are the Kipchak Turks and the grandchildren of Atilla”.[6]

            As a result, China wants to create a new Silk Road and called One Belt, One Road project. Many projects have been started and one of them is related to Balkan Regions which “Land-Sea Express Route”. For this project, Turkey and Russia play key roles. LSER has started and we will see the new results of it.


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